Day 13 Sunday Sacramento

We wake up at the Citizen Hotel feeling road weary. Last night's experience at this hotel didn't help.

After a lovely dinner at the Grange, the excellent restaurant here at the Citizen, we returned to our room. I had my pajamas on, and had poured myself another class of wine, and we're both snuggled in bed, but there's no denying there's some huge loud ruckus very nearby. We're on the 8th floor, what's going on? Finally, we can't stand the noise anymore. The front desk says there's a wedding in their event area on the 7th floor.

So why did someone put us in a room on the 8th floor directly above the wedding!? Was it the only room left in the hotel? No. Eventually they offer to move us down to the 3rd floor. We pack up, Ed puts on his clothes, I go in my pajamas. By the time we get settled in our new room I need a bit of Ambien to sleep.

At dinner we sat next to a couple, and Eric, the husband, struck up a conversation with us. Turns out he and his wife, both 39, are retired. (He was with the sheriff's department, and something about a helicopter crash where he was the only survivor apparently left him with many disabilities--though none visible--and a huge settlement.) Anyway Eric and Stacey tell us about their road trip--37 days, 9,400 miles. And only one argument, adds Stacey.

Favorite road snack!

Favorite road snack!

Boy, we're on our 13th day. To think that we could have 24 more to go boggles the mind of this weary road warrior.

I know we're lucky to have this experience, and yesterday was fabulous when Mount Shasta popped into view. Today I'm looking forward to the agricultural areas we'll drive through. But I do think my friend, Nanette, had the right idea when she said, So are you renting a car and flying back? Next time.