The Glory of Gorgeous Green Grass

This summer in Bozeman everywhere you look the world is glistening emerald green.   The grass in our yard has thick luxurious blades that are fresh and fun to walk through barefoot like a child.  Such a lawn issues a playful invitation that should not to be declined.  It reminds me of being a kid and rolling down our front lawn in Seattle.  It makes me want to do a cartwheel, or a somersault.  Or turn on the sprinkler and run through the water as it sprays back and forth.  Simple summer pleasures.

Whether it's a planted lawn, or the grasses of natural grassland, it's still green here as far as the eye can see.  

I'm sure one reason I'm practically licking this lush greenery this season is that I'm parched--coming from drought-stricken California where residents are having to remove their lawns.  The contrast here is startling, and welcomed, and something not to be taken for granted.  It's dazzling and something to be celebrated.